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Download the largest sprite animator resource pack! After 6 years, the final 2020 update is out! Free of charge, no email signups! ENJOY!

Wait aren’t you “Ainn”…?

Yeah, it’s me! I renamed from AinnMS to AaronAnims to start off the new decade. I needed a username that wasn’t restricting me to Maplestory (“MS”) content! On top of that, let’s face it “AinnMS” is a confusing name. If you can say it out loud properly, you’re pretty much 1 of every 12 people. I animate Maplestory, Sonic, Kirby, Tda-styled 3D models and am constantly experimenting with other animation styles. So, I’m leaving the old name behind as part of a constant growth. Call me Ainn, Aaron, Dabes, Chia or Protagonist-kun– whatever sticks!

April 2020: 3D Sprite Rigs Public Beta!

My private Discord server just got a makeover! Since March 2020, the server is becoming a creative-minded social hub! Newcomers and veterans welcome. Sprite animators, musicians, writers, spriters, artists, digital painters, 3D artists, designers, comic artists, voice actors and– well, whatever you do! Hit the text channels and show us what you got! Join the community and showcase your work in ↻ Ainn’s Chillzone!

Frequently-Visited Links

Ainn’s Sprite Effects Pack (March 2020: Final Edition)
Ainn’s Sprite Sheet (April 2020 Beta)
3D Sprite Rig PUBLIC BETA (Full Version: Summer 2020)

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