Why I Renamed My Animation Brand After 11 Years of Content Creation

For some years, http://ainnms.com was my domain of choice. At the time, my username was “AinnMS”, and before that… it was much, much dumber. In fact, it’s so terrible I’d love not to tell you until I purge every trace of it first. I started animating when I was about 13– it looked like an actual dumpster fire, but I was willing to learn anyway.

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I rolled with it… but now I don’t have to. Turns out “Ainn MS” is not the catchiest thing to voice search. It’s even worse if someone asks “Okay, so how do I spell that? Where do I go? What’s it called again?”

In recent months, I renamed myself to “AaronAnims”. If somehow you couldn’t tell, “Anims” is a common abbreviation for the word “Animations”. Since my first name has been floating around on the Internet for many years, I broke the oldest rule in the book. The one that sounds like “never give away your personal information on the internet”! The fact that I’m just shy enough to want my name private, and just outspoken enough to have to take credit for my work put me into “author credits limbo”. This strange state of ‘rarely taking credit for stuff you made every day for the past 10 years’.

Somehow, this video was impossible for some people to process. “YOU made this? You made it into Maplestory? Yeah right…”

For some context, my personal motto growing up was “I want to be the camera-man, not the main actor!” To me, that meant “I’d rather have interesting, not-so-glorious art career that puts me in a vital spot, where my job is urgent in the production progress. I don’t want all the prominence or fame that comes with being the face that’s on-screen and being doted over by millions adoring fans.” Even now, I think that’s way too much attention for me to even handle. I still actively tread around it.

The part of me that made that remark hasn’t completely changed, but I can’t tell you how many times I said “hey look I made this thing on the Internet” and the person hearing it just couldn’t accept what I just said.

“No really, I made this!” I insist, and they give me the most distrusting glare they possibly could. Even me own mum looked at me funny when mentioned it. Things like “Hey Mom, look, I was put into a video game once”! Or “I assure you I understand animation! I have a new appreciation for music production and sound engineering. I get what goes into writing satisfying character development, I’ve been at it for X years!”

It’s extremely upsetting when people I respect just assume I’m lying to their face or conclude that somehow I must be bluffing. It’s not the best feeling in the world. It’s infuriating to be called a liar just because you took credit for one your life’s accomplishments out in the open. Oh yeah? Watch this.

All the years of “What, you made this? Yeah right.” needed to fly out of the window, fast.

By naming one of my content creation accounts after myself, I shatter the need for the benefit of the doubt. I certainly wasn’t the most active animator, but I was willing to teach myself everything I know wasn’t it? I did so without a Mentor or Teacher to fall back on, didn’t I? Damn right, I did. I’m allowed to take credit for the things I make, and I don’t need approval. I’m established enough to have even gained express legal consent from Nexon Inc. Does that somehow make me less of an Animator?

This is for the times I would’ve loved to scream “Yes, you inconceivable creature! Of course I made it!!”

Maybe this will give you some insight as to why I bothered to rename at all.

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↻ AaronAnims is an Animator who renamed from "AinnMS" recently.

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