Hyper Emerald X

Watch Episode 1 of Hyper Emerald X and read about the all-new 2020 reboot!

2020 Reboot: Title Opening (Preview)

There’s a small announcement hidden in plain sight here.

Act 1: “Untapped Potential” (2013)

Episode 1 was originally animated way back in 2013. You’ll notice a large jump in quality from Episode 1 to Episode 2!

Introducing Hyper Emerald X!

A treasure hunter, his militarized twin and a third individual all arrive to steal a gem that has suddenly appeared in the middle of a field. Similar gems contain weapon-like powers, and so the fight is on! This string of seemingly random events presents a new danger none of them comprehend… As mysterious hands craft these events from an unseen distance, the bait is taken in a plan many, many years in the making.

A new animated series is coming to YouTube, Hyper Emerald X!

Voice Actors will bring the fan-fiction to life!

Officially-appointed voice actors will dub the official releases into English! Official dubs of other languages can be considered later in the future! After the native English release, official dubs can be created for Spanish, French, German, Japanese dubs or other highly-requested languages! One of the first Sprite Animation series to be officially voiced and dubbed for an international audience! Subtitles not required.

Custom resources for thrilling action and combat!

Thanks to the results of my upcoming 3D Sprite Rigs project, Hyper Emerald X will include fully-custom sequences made specifically for the show! Custom move-sets for each individual character! A flashy cast of exciting, unpredictable fight choreography in a showdown of spectacular scenes and camera angles! All fight scenes, custom interactions and poses are tailored by hand and refined to exquisite detail! The sprite community may never look or feel exactly the same after 3D Sprite Rigs goes up for public download!

Unpredictable cameos featuring YOU– the Sonic Spriters Community!

Since the very beginning, Hyper Emerald X has included fan-characters created by the Sonic sprite animation community! Take “Joey” for example, introduced in Episode 1 way back in 2013! Characters submitted by viewers of the show may be adapted into their own story arcs! Crossovers made by the fans, for the fans! It’s like “Super Smash Bros.” crossovers for Sonic spriters! At specific times, the project will host open character submissions with open voice actor casting calls! This is all part of a detailed plan to create mind-bending collaborations and community-influenced storytelling! That’s right! Your Sonic fan-character can officially be added to the series! Stay tuned during each Episode to learn when and how to apply! Casting calls may be opened or closed anytime.

The 3D Sprite Rigs are being released to the public in 2020! Your Sonic fan-characters may appear in prominent roles!

Thanks to the additional years in development, the wait can finally be worthwhile! Follow the creator of Hyper Emerald X on Twitter to hear the latest announcements and watch new episodes! Consider subscribing to the official YouTube channel!

“Sonic the Hedgehog” is an intellectual property of SEGA Holdings CO. LTD. Hyper Emerald X is an animated fan-series, created for the sole purpose of free entertainment. Legal complaints, concerns or inquiries sent by the copyright holder will be responded to within 7 days.

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