I’m Aaron!

11 years ago, I set off on a lifelong journey to became a Character Animator. Now, I make action-driven stories come to life. Along the way, I learned to specialize in Flash, Sprites, 3D Animation, Sound Design and engage in Character Design for animated Action, Comedy and Drama genres. I’m even fully-equipped to contribute original film scores, voice acting and electronic music for projects. Contact me directly on Twitter, Discord or by Email.

A simple content reel for my animation channel, AaronAnims. I used to go by the name AinnMS.
Custom resource for Maplestory, Sonic and Kirby sprites! 3D Sprite Rigs: Summer 2020! Release date to be announced.
A less dramatic video, filled with silliness and stylish transitions.

Ainn’s character design, friends and even his abilities were adapted into the official game! Check out Maplestory: Kinesis!
Community project where 2 animators create separate battles and the audience decides who wins by voting!
Originally created in 2013. Getting rebooted in 2020.

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