Here is a simple list of projects that I have announced and where they currently stand. There are three major categories– Cancelled & Delayed, In-Production or Completed.

For clarity’s sake, this list can be updated anytime without warning. Chances are I will post an announcement video or simply release a given project, depending on any promotion I do or do not give a particular project.

This list is not yet complete, and will continue to be updated.

Cancelled & Delayed

Not everything succeeds on the first try! For one reason or another, these projects are delayed, cancelled, or have troubled development. Often times, these are put on the back-burner in favor of current projects. I am patiently adding/removing things to these project to help the production process move forward and conclude with a satisfying completion. Others are outright unlikely to return. Some cancelled projects do eventually get reboots and re-enter production. Not all hope is lost!

Those Better Days 2 (Working Title)
Vocaloid High (Working Title)
Smash Wall Collab 2020 Entry (Extended Cut)


These projects have completed development and successfully exited the pre-production/planning phase. Not every project makes it this far, so this is a rather good sign that I am satisfied with its current progress. Progress on these projects tend to be quiet for a long time until they are finally released to the public– already completed.

3D Sprite Rigs (open-source resource)

Series and Episodes:
Hyper Emerald X – Episode 2 (2020 Reboot)
Guiding Light (Comic Series)

Game Development:
Chia-P PULSE (Origin of “Ainn’s Game”)
Ainn’s Game (Working Title)


These projects have survived the planning stages, exited development, graduated through production and were completed all the way to distribution/release! Not all of these projects stay as public releases. Whether by quality-control or mistake, these projects were complete and released at one time or another. Some of which are still publicly-available!

BlezAnims Tribute
Those Better Days
7 Colors of Maplemation
Smash Wall Collab 2018 Entry
Smash Wall Collab 2020 Entry (Short Version)
Ainn’s Sprite Effects Pack (updated 2019)
Ainn’s Public Sprite Sheet (updated 2019)

Series and Episodes:
When Ainn Is Bored (Episodes 1-6 + Finale)
Vocaloid High – Chapter 1 – Pages 1-5
Hyper Emerald X – Episode 1 (2013 Revised)
Super Anime Bros. X – (Pilot + Episodes 1-3)

Development, Prototypes & Cut Content

Some of these projects came with cut content, beta screenshots, practice and other things never seen in the final product. This can include development logos, incomplete preview versions and even never-before-seen cut content.

Ainn: TDA Style

No, this is not RWBY-related. “TDA” is the exact modelling style RWBY was based on, and has been prominently featured in the MikuMikuDance community since as early as 2012.

“TDA” is a 3D Artist who was commissioned for SEGA to create Hatsune Miku models. Read the TDA licensing agreement here.

Sorry, this section is still a work-in-progress. Wait for an announcement on Twitter before returning!

A very early version of the model.
Another early version of the model. Textures were being adjusted, torso wasn’t rigged nor was any of the body shape-adjusted or form-fitted. For example, the shoulder would appear through the clothing at certain angles. This was incomplete.
An early-version of the model with example anime-based lighting rendered in MIkuMikuDance. Drastic measures were needed to fix the rigging, so I focused on the material colors and shading.

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